What I’m looking forward to this week…

This week is going to be a busy one.  Some friends have invited us out for Fat Tuesday – which is only notable because this group of friends is not known for planning in advance.  We typically get a text message saying “We’re going out, meet us in an hour”.  The husband and I don’t function that way; we’re TOO BUSY to function that way.

So there are drinks on Fat Tuesday, church on Ash Wednesday, Valentine’s Day Thursday, and a couple’s wedding shower Saturday (which means shopping for a gift Friday).  On top of all that, there is still studying, keeping up with the chores, and cooking.

Out of all that, the one thing that I am most looking forward to is Valentine’s Day – of which I’ve never really been a huge fan.  But here’s why I’m looking forward to it:  my husband cooks an amazing dinner for the two of us.  When we first started dating, we agreed to not make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, and all I asked was that he cook me a meal.  He’s a great cook, but honestly, I do most of the cooking unless it’s on the grill.  I’m okay with this most of the time because I do like to cook – but there are times when I don’t want to, and I was pretty busy at that time – training for a half marathon in March.  So on Valentine’s day, I ran the 2 miles from my house to his apartment, where I walk in to him making Shrimp Creole – roux and shrimp stock and all.  It was delicious – so delicious, in fact, that he only cooks it once a year – on Valentine’s Day.

That’s where I’m at:  Monday morning, already dreaming about dinner Thursday.