2013 Resolution #2: House-Keeping

If you’re wondering, 2013 Resolution #1 is to pass my three remaining sections of the Architectural Registration Exam.  Along with 5-years Bachelor degree and a 3-year internship, to become an architect, I have to pass 7 exams; I’ve taken and passed 4.  And though I’m sure I will mention how time-consuming and challenging studying for the exams is from time to time, this blog isn’t about that, so enough said.


Resolution #2 is to be a better housekeeper.   I would like to be able to entertain guests without spending several hours (or days) cleaning before they arrive.  I would like to not be embarrassed when someone drops-by because my kitchen is a wreck and there are muddy dog prints on the den floor.  I would like to offer friends and family a clean place to stay if they are in need, without having to shuffle things off the guest bed.


Maybe I need a little disclaimer here that I’m not a complete slob.  The house is never really THAT bad.  But there are times when we’ve been so busy that the house does become a bit disorganized or days when I come home tired from work and don’t want to do the pile of dishes in the sink from dinner the previous night.  And there’s no denying that we either need more storage or less stuff.


However, what really led to this resolution was the holidays.  My husband’s two brothers and their families came to town for Christmas, and we offered our guest bedroom to lighten his parents’ load.  In preparation for houseguests, I spent the entire weekend before, including Friday afternoon and most of Monday, deep cleaning.  The house looked amazing, but it took way to long in my opinion, and I came across some pretty gross stuff – like thick blankets of dust build up on the lampshades and ceiling fans.  I spent the majority of Saturday cleaning the smallest room in the house – the master bathroom – scrubbing grout, tile, floors, walls, toilet, and sink.  The temperature outside all weekend was in the 60’s, so I guess I was in the mood to “spring clean” while the husband did the same for the yard.



Last night, this resolution was put to the first test – sudden need to entertain.  One of my husband’s high school friend’s was still in town for the holidays, and we wanted to get together with him, his wife, and another couple.  With the exception of the master bedroom, we’ve managed to keep the house in pretty good shape (neither of us are good about putting away clean laundry).  The yard is another story, though.  We had a huge ice storm and had lots of limbs, branches, and tops of trees come down.  Clean-up on the yard will be ongoing for a quite some time, and the yard tools and cold weather gear have haphazardly found their way into the den…along with our dog, who no matter how much I dry him off, always manages to leave dirty paw prints on the stained concrete floor.  We offered our house, then did a quick 30-minute clean-up to get it back into shape:  washed dinner dishes, swept, mopped up muddy paw prints, vacuumed, and picked up and put away the random things that had found their way out.  Back to a clean house.


So, long story short:  the house is currently clean (except that I need to put up quite a bit of laundry – tonight), and I intend on spending a little time each day to keeping it that way.