Project List

If you’re reading my blog and you haven’t figure out by now, I like lists.

In addition to my 2013 resolutions, I have a few projects that need tackling.  Amidst my organization efforts, I think it will be good to keep track of them.   I hope to be updating this list regularly and linking this to posts about the tasks.

1.  Create a filing system

Right now, we have a very disorganized system for filing in a couple of small plastic bins.  It’s a mess, and what needs to be filed usually ends up in a big pile on top of one of the bins…or lost somewhere else in the house.  It’s not working.

Completed:  June 2013 (organized a temporary system until the files can be moved into their permanent home in the improved office)

2.  Renovate the home office/gym.

We recently renovated our living room and after recuperating for a few months, have started on the home office/gym.  We lost all momentum over the holidays, but hope to get back on it soon.

Update: September 2013:  We’ve complete everything we can for now (updating some of the old systems, new lighting, new drywall, new paint, new floor!)  Now we are getting a quote from a cabinet maker for the millwork and are on hold until the cabinet are in place.

Planned Completion Date:  Fall 2013

3.  Organize the shed.

The shed is built into the hillside like a storm shelter.  It’s a dark and scary place to me.   It needs help.

Completed:  May 2013

4.  Lose 10 pounds

I don’t want weight loss to be one of my new year’s resolutions because I think there’s so much more to being healthy than the number on the scale, but I do want to lose some.  My first small goal will be 10 pounds.  This task list is to keep me accountable, so why not include it?

Planned Completion Date:  Not setting one.  Wanting to lose weight by a certain date usually leads to disappointment.  Progress not perfection.

5.  Renovate the pantry/laundry closet

Bought a new front-loading, stackable washer/dryer set over Labor Day weekend; have to do a few things before we can install them.

Planned Completion Date:  October 20th.

6.  Blog regularly.

Haven’t been doing so good on this, so it needs to be added to the list!

3 thoughts on “Project List

  1. Hi Kate! You are right, our blogs are very similar. I look forward to hearing about your progress on your projects and I hope you will check in at my blog occasionally to see the progress I’m making on my task list!

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