That Time We Helped a Couple in Need

Last year, our church small group read Francis Chan’s Crazy Love.  The book itself is challenging in so many ways – calling Christians to examine their lives; I remember being overwhelmed while reading it, wanting to turn our life upside down but not knowing how…and quite honestly, being scared to do-so.

In the book, Chan mentions that while he and his family live in a modest house, they realize how abundantly blessed they are, and open their home to those in need.  They will have as many as seven houseguests at any given time – and they do this solely out of God’s love, which calls us to love others.

I remember reading that and thinking, “I don’t think I could ever do that – for more reasons than the fact that I’m not the best housekeeper”.  Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always loved to help others – but it’s always been on a surface level.  I love buying gifts for children on the Angel Tree every year, donating items and money for causes that tug at my heart, and giving some of my (precious) time volunteering for the greater good.  But my personal space?

Well guess what?  My husband and I offered to share our house to some friends in need.  They are staying with us for an undermined amount of time, and my heart could not be more full.  These friends lived in an apartment building nearby that caught on fire two nights ago.  The entire top story of the building is gone.  They haven’t been allowed in to their unit to see if anything is recoverable – and they don’t know that they will be able to.  They left the building in the middle of the night with not much more than their cat, thinking that it was another false alarm…until they watched the roof burst into flames.

There was not an ounce of me that didn’t want to immediately do anything I could for them.  There was no hesitation when my husband told me he had offered our guest bedroom to them – only a growing love for the man with a good heart that I married 9 month ago.  And as if all by plan, I had cleared out and cleaned up the guest bedroom two weeks ago, as it had become the junk room while we renovate the home office.  It was just waiting to be used.

The couple and kitty are settled in and doing okay.  Overwhelmed but okay.

So here we are, busy as always…but we are so blessed.

I’m still here…somewhere…

It’s amazing how fast time passes when you’re busy. I’ve always said I’d rather be busy at work than slow – because I hate trying to find some way to keep myself busy.  But whoa!  Work – and life – got hectic for a little while.  I didn’t mean to just drop the blog…but it happened.  I’ll be back soon…bear with me while I try to finish a few things up…