Rambling about the New York Marathon

Warning:  This is completely off the usual topics of this blog...

Found from Google

Found from Google

Sometimes I wish I had a magic button to push to make the right decisions for me.  This would come in handy when I want to watch TV rather than put away laundry or when I want to eat popcorn for dinner instead of cooking (they both happen).  In truth, those are easy decision – where the “right” choice is clear, even if I don’t want to do it.  Not everything I need this magic button for is so clear though   Today’s conundrum:  Do I run the ING New York Marathon this year?

Four years ago, when I LOVED to run, I read a book about the New York Marathon, A Race Like No Other.  It was truly inspiring – and it made me want to run the NY Marathon.  I could say that then, because as I said, I loved running, seemed to have all the time in the world to myself, and I had not yet run a marathon nor gained 30 pounds.

Paula Radcliffe = awesome.  Image from Google.

Paula Radcliffe = awesome. Image from Google.

I entered the lottery to get in that year, along with a running buddy I convinced to sign up, and of course what I had guessed happened:  he was selected; I was denied.  The Marathon has a system in place that if you’re denied from the lottery three years in a row, you have guaranteed entry the fourth year.  Though I was a little jealous my friend got in, I just kept telling myself “2013 will be my year”.  I entered the lottery the next two years, and was denied, so as of last April, I’ve been sitting on a guaranteed entry into 2013.

Then a few things happened in 2012:  I got married, which means I no longer have all the time in the world to myself; I ran the Marine Corps Marathon, after which I decided I never wanted to run one again; and Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on New York City – causing them to cancel the Marathon last minute.

Since then, I have not known if they would still guarantee entry to those who had been denied three years, as the NYRRs were trying to find resolutions for the runners of 2012.  Then today, just 10 minutes ago, I received an email saying I still have guaranteed entry.

Part of me hoped that they would not guarantee entry.  I would have been furious, but I would not have to debate if I should run it or not.  Running the MCM hurt, but more than that, training took up every spare moment I had – and I didn’t have any.  That meant I had to put other things on hold – like studying for my remaining ARE exams.  I still don’t have the time to spare for training.  And then there’s the money issue:  $250 entry fee, $450 for a plane ticket, and who knows how much for a hotel room and food.  And that doesn’t even touch on the moral dilemma.

So in truth, maybe there is a clear “right” decision:  90% of me says “Save your money and time and don’t do it!”.  But then the 10% I’m attributing to my Type A personality says “You’ll never have another chance! (since they’re doing away with the denied 3 times rule)  You wanted this!”.   I’m sure the husband will weigh-in his thoughts – and I have as late as May 24 to decide….but for a while, I can tell this is going to be on my mind.

Anyone want to make this decision for me?


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