Studying vs Cleaning

Just a quick post for accountability…since it’s been a while.

I’ve been working more on Resolution #1 (finishing my Architectural Registration Exams) more than Resolution #2 (cleaning and organizing) lately.  I find it hard to pull myself away from my study guide to wash dishes and hang up clothes every night, but the house is still is good condition.  Saturday, my parents unexpectedly came to town to shop for a computer, so I took a break from studying for a hour to tidy up what needed to be before they arrived.  I love the fact that it only took an hour, not a few like it probably would have in previous years, and even then, that usually included just throwing my clean laundry on the closet floor rather than hanging it up.

Then yesterday, I unexpectedly deep cleaned the kitchen before I went to work.  We had a little mishap with the coffee maker – someone forgot to put all the parts back in after washing it and coffee leaked all over the counter and floor.  Since that someone was me, I started cleaning it up…which lead to mopping the floor and washing the cabinets…and while I was at it, why not clean the stove again and go through the refrigerator…and might as well do the upper cabinets as well.  No caffeine to thank for that burst of effort.

I missed my “deadline” for the first item on my project list – create a filing system by January 31.  I blame studying, but I’m hoping to tackle that one this weekend.

Life is busy, as always.  Balance can be hard to find, but I’m working on it.


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