The Best Time to Clean

I don’t really know what has happened to me in the last 5 years, but I have changed from loathing getting out of bed to being a morning person.

This week, my husband and I have started to figure out our new routine.  This is his third week at his new job, and our first week without a houseguest.   We’ve started going to be early (like 9pm) and both waking up early (5am for him, 5:30 for me).  Some mornings I’ve worked out and other mornings, I’ve cleaned.  I came to the realization this week that I am a morning person, as I found myself thinking “I love this!” while washing dishes after I had folded and hung up laundry – all before going to work.

Taking 30 or so extra minutes in the morning to straighten up a little or wash last night’s dishes makes coming home so much nicer.  There’s no dread over knowing what’s waiting to be done inside; it’s already done.

This completely baffles me, as up until a few years ago, I was the type of person to sleep as long as possible, hitting the snooze button at least 4 times.  Heck, up until this month, it was hard for me to get out of bed at 6.30, knowing the husband got to sleep in for another hour-and-a-half.  But now I really do love it.  This might have something to do with our new addiction to coffee and the awesome new 10 cup programmable coffee maker we just bought ourselves last week, but it really is nice to have time to do some of those necessary-but-unlikable tasks when I’m fresh (and caffeinated) rather than at the end of the day when I just want to relax.

Thank you, coffee maker, for fueling my coffee addiction AND cleaning obsession. (Image from Google)

Thank you, coffee maker, for fueling my coffee addiction AND cleaning obsession. (Image from Google)


2 thoughts on “The Best Time to Clean

  1. Good for you for being productive in the early am! If I’m ever awake before 6:30, I lay in bed just thinking about all the stuff I need to do, lol.

  2. I completely agree with you about taking longer in the morning to leave just so that you can straighten up! I find clutter and disorganisation stressful these days, and once I get home after uni all day I just want to chill for a bit not get frustrated by mess!

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